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Every Child/Every Promise is committed to helping our community work together to create positive outcomes for children, youth and families. By studying national models of successful youth programs and combining those best practices with our own local data, our community can create exceptional initiatives help to deliver the Five Promises to our youth.


Complete and accurate datahelps our community to develop better strategies and use resources more efficiently in providing the Five Promises to young people. Dubuque’s Promise:A Youth Indicator Report allows school districts, city and county agencies and youth-serving organizations to ask critical questions about youth and how their organizations work collectively to achieve positive outcomes for youth and community. Thereport provides analytic power to partner organizations to enhance community youth development both in and across organizations and institutions. This unique arrangement enables policy-makersand practitioners to:

Out-of-School Time Initiative

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The conventional six-hour, 180-day school year may not be enough for students inour public schools.Every Child/Every Promise and a coalition of program providers and school leaders is seeking to address this shortcomingby helping nonprofits and schoolsto expand learning time during the summer and regular school day or year.As a result of this collaborative effort, the Dubuque Community School District has received an $850,000 21stCentury Learning Grant to implement a coordinated after-school program in Dubuque’s two Title 1 Middle Schools called Leadership Enrichment After-School Programs (LEAP). The collaborative is now looking at how to build on this success and reach more students at other Dubuqueschools.

Third Grade Reading Initiative


The DubuqueCampaign for grade-level readingis a collaborative effort by funders and nonprofit partners across thecommunityto ensure that more of our low-income children succeed in school and graduate prepared for college, a career, and active citizenship. The campaign focuses on the most important predictor of school success and high school graduation: grade-level reading by the end of third grade.

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Access to Transportation

Having great programsthat support youth can only have an impact if young people can access them. One barrier to access is transportation. Many of Dubuque’s children do not have access to beforeand after school or summer programs, while others do not have consistent transportation to school. By connecting to resources like ECIA’s Transit Action Group and working withthe RTA, The Jule, schools, and other organizations, Every Child/Every Promise works to improve access to transportation and to ensure programs happen in schools and neighborhoods to reduce the need for transportation.